Seminary Credit

Downline Little Rock has established partnerships with Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Ky. to offer seminary credit and Dallas Theological Seminary to offer advanced standing. These partnerships give Downline students ways to work toward a seminary degree while simultaneously participating in Downline.

Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

Our partnership with Southern Baptist Theological Seminary gives Downline students the opportunity to participate in the Institute and earn seminary credit without having to choose between the two. Students may obtain up to 30 hours of credit from Southern and must enroll at Southern to obtain these credits.

Courses Offered 

Students can receive varying amounts of credit for going through Downline. The amount of credit you receive depends on the courses you take. You will be required to complete additional reading, writing, and research assignments to receive credit. Below are the courses you can take with the attached syllabi:

Introduction to the Old Testament, I (3 hours)

Introduction to the Old Testament, II (3 hours)

Introduction to the New Testament, I (3 hours)

Introduction to the New Testament, II (3 hours)

Ministry Apprenticeship Program, I (6 hours)

Ministry Apprenticeship Program, II (6 hours)

Ministry Apprenticeship Program, III (6 hours)

Dallas Theological Seminary

Downline does not offer seminary credit that applies directly at DTS. However, DTS offers the possibility of receiving advanced degree standing for having completed the Downline Institute and demonstrating current competency normally gained through the DTS curriculum. Advanced degree standing for completing the Downline Institute is not guaranteed, but can be pursued as either a residential student or a distance student.

To apply for advanced standing see the linked pages above and contact DTS.

The portion of a degree you can earn at DTS varies based on an assessment of competency. You can earn:

  • Up to 25 percent of degree requirements through accelerated advance standing (residential students only)
  • Up to 25 percent of degree requirements through course-by-course evaluation (available to distance students)

Whatever credit you qualify for in Advanced Standing is free. However, no credit is guaranteed. You must apply for Advanced Standing at DTS and they will determine how much (if any) credit you’re able to receive.

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