School of Biblical Discipleship Wroclaw, Poland

Wroclaw Institute

Downline Little Rock helps train and equip international leaders to establish discipleship training initiatives in their local context. One of those leaders is Wojciech Kowalewski who will be leading the School of Biblical Discipleship in Wroclaw, Poland. The School of Biblical Discipleship’s goal is to elevate the passion for biblical discipleship by equipping Christians to make disciples at home, in the church and in the city.

Poland is a nation in need of gospel multiplication. Only 0.4% of Poland’s 38 Million inhabitants are evangelical Christians. In Wroclaw (population: 700,000) there are only 15 evangelical churches. We believe the best way to do reach Poland with the gospel is by training believers to replicate Jesus’ disciple-making strategy.

Each student in the School of Biblical Discipleship will receive over 130 hours of Biblical, practical, and reproducible training from over 30 respected local pastors/leaders. 

For more information on The School of Biblical Discipleship visit their website here.