Alumni Spotlight: Melissa Sponer

(1) What’s new since Downline?  Any updates on family, work, and church?

Since Downline, I have been busy traveling literally all over the world with the Immanuel Baptist Student Ministry. We had the opportunity to share the Gospel in Toronto, Canada, Ghana, Africa and Oceanside, California. I even threw in a little vacation to the beach with a few of my best girl friends from college.

(2) What has disciple-making looked like for you since Downline?melissadl

For me, disciple-making is definitely more intentional since Downline. I don’t try to fit it in a one-hour Bible Study one night a week, but rather see how I can bring those I’m discipling in my day to day life sharing Christ through all aspects of my life and disciple as I’m going.

(3) What did you learn in Downline that you’ve used most or has most shaped the way you make disciples?

I really enjoyed the Bible Reliability lesson with Robert Lewis. Working with students, they tend to ask a lot of hard questions about the Bible and sometimes ask how we know the Bible is true? After Downline and especially the Bible Reliability lesson, I feel more equipped to answer those hard questions.

(4) Biggest challenge of making disciples?

Making disciples means being transparent, authentic, even vulnerable sometimes. It’s not always easy opening up to others and letting them see the mess in your life or that you don’t have it all together. It’s a challenge to not
think about self and really make disciple-making a priority.

(5) Most satisfying part of making disciples?

By far the most satisfying part for me is when I see one of the girls I’m discipling actually get it! When she takes ownership of her faith and really has a desire to dig into God’s word. Not because it’s something that she’s checking off the list for the day, but because she genuinely desires to know more about Christ.

(6) What encouragement would you offer your fellow DL alumni?

I would encourage my fellow DL alumni to continue seeking first the kingdom of God. Keeping a Kingdom perspective will make all the challenges of making disciples a little easier. It also helps up keep Christ the focus in an “all about me” world. I would encourage you to keep persevering. Making disciples isn’t always easy, but it’s definitely worth it!