Alumni Spotlight: Jessica Brogdon

(1) What’s new since Downline?  Any updates on family, work, and church?

Todd and I have two kids — Rebecca is 15 and Ben is 12. I work in community relations at Mountaire, so my office is in the same building as Downline! Since participating in the inaugural year of Downline in Little Rock, it has been fun to see each new class come through the doors. Our family is active at Fellowship Bible Church where we lead a Discipleship Group of young married couples and I lead a group of 8th grade girls through Fellowship Student Ministries.

(2) What has disciple-making looked like for you since Downline?

Downline definitely changed the trajectory of my spiritual life. I have been so blessed over the years with great teaching and equipping and older role models pouring into me. But I was feeling like I couldn’t sit through one more Bible Study, like I might just burst with all the information. Immediately after hearing Danny teach on the Great Commission, I began praying for God to show me who to disciple, to begin actively sharing the blessings of truth He has so freely given to me. By the end of that year two different young women approached me and asked me to begin meeting with them. God continues to bring young people my way — from middle schoolers to single women to young marrieds — and these relationships bring great joy to my life.

(3) What did you learn in Downline that you’ve used most or has most shaped the way you make disciples?

Truth and Life. I often tell my girls God has given me a supernatural love for them. There is no other explanation for the depth of my love for these young women. I’m interested in the details of their lives, and I try to focus on how the gospel intersects with the day-to-day realities and challenges they face.

(4) Biggest challenge of making disciples?

The biggest challenge is time! Like many women, I juggle a job and a family, and life is full. I often try to “kill two birds with one stone.” I have to eat lunch, so lunches are a great way for me to connect with young singles. My kids already meet in their small groups on Sundays, so I’ve scheduled my middle schoolers at the same time. Todd and I meet with our young married D group one evening each week, which allows us to be together as a couple too. One of my girls moved out of state, so I have a phone call scheduled with her each week. I’ve learned to draw boundaries around what works for my family. After 3:00 when I pick up the kids from school, I’m all theirs.

(5) Most satisfying part of making disciples?

Life transformation! There is nothing better than seeing someone become more like Jesus from the inside out.

(6) What encouragement would you offer to your fellow DL alumni?

My encouragement would be to just keep plugging! Don’t let the fire die. To be honest, I am not the model “discipler.” Often I feel spread too thin and unprepared. Often we spend too much time talking “life” without enough time on “truth” and memorizing scripture. I could name dozens of things I could do better. But I’m determined to not give up. We are all in this together, fellow Downliners!