Alumni Spotlight: James Shaw

(1) What’s new since Downline?  Any updates on family, work, and church?

Since Downline my family and I have moved to Haiti to work as foster parents in a foster home and are hoping to build relationships with those that God places before us. Before this I had worked at UPS for 17 years doing various jobs throughout my career. Through our church and friends God has made it possible for us to be on the mission field to live life and share truth.

(2) What has disciple-making looked like for you since Downline?

Since Downline I have focused on my family and pouring truth and life into my boys and wife. I am hoping to do the same with some of the young men I have already met here along with those that are currently in the foster home. Downline has made it easier to break down the Bible into lessons that are easy to teach and transfer into others.

(3) What did you learn in Downline that you’ve used most or has most shaped the way you make disciples?

I would say the fact of knowing that you don’t have to be a Bible scholar to teach the Bible. That was always one of my biggest fears was that I needed a deep knowledge of the word to teach others. It has helped to take that fear away and make it possible to disciple be
cause I only need to be one step ahead of my disciple.

(4) Biggest challenge of making disciples?

I would say right now one of my biggest challenges is a language barrier. I am currently taking language lessons twice a week to help take that barrier away.

(5) Most satisfying part of making disciples?

One of the most satisfying parts of making a disciple is the hope that they will take what you have taught them and teach it to others. When you get to see that happen it lifts you up.

(6) What encouragement would you offer your fellow DL alumni?

Remember that the enemy likes to place obstacles and barriers in our path but through prayer and an understanding of the word, God helps us to overcome and be victorious.  “What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who is against us?”  Romans 8:31


shaw-family-photoA photo of the Shaw family before flying down to Haiti.