Alumni Spotlight: Amy Starks

(1) What’s new since Downline?  Any updates on family, work, and church?

Since Downline, I have gotten married, moved to Texas, and am teaching in a new school district…a lot of changes! My husband and I have settled at One Community Church in Plano, TX. I am so excited about the new opportunity I have at this church!

(2) What has disciple-making looked like for you since Downline?

I will be meeting with a group of women in their 20s every Wednesday night who would like to meet with someone about how to study the Bible and how to dig deeper in the Word after weekly Bible studies that our Church hosts. Disciple making for me looks a lot more intentional since Downline. I am constantly thinking about who am I connected to and who are the people around me that God has placed in my life so that I may reach them.

(3) What did you learn in Downline that you’ve used most or has most shaped the way you make disciples?

Before Downline, I had no idea what disciple making even was. When I heard the words, “Disciple Making” I thought, “Yeah, that must not be something I’m qualified for yet.”  After Downline, I have realized that discipling someone is not about your credentials, but having a very personal relationship with a few so that they too can GO and make disciples.

(4) Biggest challenge of making disciples?

I’ve learned that relationships can be messy and hard, but doing life with anyone was never meant to be easy. The biggest challenge for me in making disciples is being completely open and authentic. Sharing your life and personal struggles is hard! However, it is also very humbling and necessary in my opinion. God meets me where I am every morning and reminds me that transformation is not instantaneous. It is a process.

(5) Most satisfying part of making disciples?

The most satisfying part about making disciples is knowing that God is using my flaws, failures, and successes for his glory. I am learning to love sharing my story with others because it is a story of grace, mercy, and redemption and that is the very story that the women I meet with need to hear. I don’t always walk away feeling as though I have made any difference, but I know that it is not in my strength, wisdom, or any other skill that I bring to the table that these women will be impacted…I am to be faithful and to let God reach them through me.

(6) What encouragement would you offer your fellow DL alumni?

I would encourage all of my fellow DL alumni to not lose sight of the bigger picture. It is so easy to get “busy” and lose sight of our responsibility as believers. As a 26 year old, in a generation where being flashy and self-righteous are the “in” thing, making disciples and even just being obedient to God’s word is not easy! At times, it feels pretty lonely, if I’m being honest. My hope is that you all are just as encouraged as I am when I continue to trust and believe God’s promises and know that it is okay to be faithful to a faithful God.