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Little Rock Institute

Our mission is to strengthen and elevate discipleship in the local church by equipping men and women to make disciples.

One of ways we pursue that mission is with the Downline Institute. The Institute is a nine-month intensive training program committed to equipping clergy and lay leaders (non-vocational leaders) in Biblical disciple-making. The Institute accepts roughly 60 students each year from the Little Rock community and beyond and trains them in Bible, Discipleship, and Biblical Manhood/Womanhood. Our goal is that each graduate may be well-equipped to make disciples in their home and local church, and practice discipleship as a lifestyle in their community. Students must have a pastor recommendation to be accepted.

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See what others are saying about Downline.

"Downline has served as an eye opener in helping me focus more on what it really means to be a disciple for Christ. It goes beyond salvation to dedication... It’s about being a conduit and not a reservoir... passing down what I have learned." - Herbert Shirlee, DL Little Rock student and local pastor

"Downline is giving me the tools and affirming that I don’t have to know everything in the Bible to be an effective disciple. I need willingness and courage - God will take care of the rest." - Joanna Berrong, DL Little Rock student

"Taking the leap into Downline has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. The things that we are learning are giving me the tools to easily share and replicate the lessons with others." - Josh Zylks, DL Conway student